About us

Inspire, Innovate, Create

Our Path

Disnovo LAB followed a diverse path from the traditional market profile. The over 17 years of practice of its founders enabled the company to got to know the rapidly alternating market, by experiencing failure and success stories on it own skin. Even so, the company maintained its unbreakable drive and passion to learn more and to pursuits towards excellence. Disnovo LAB was founded to be the strategic technological partner of each enterprises that desire to succeed in the new market profile. Now the company creates unique digital solutions based on customized needs using its profound experience and knowledge from different industries. Additionally, by dealing variant businesses at a time, it facilitated Disnovo LAB to gain expert skills in diverse fields such as retail, education, logistics, finance, general services, commercial intelligence as well as B2B businesses.

Our Mission

The history shaped and crystalised the perspectives of the company. Disnovo LAB is dedicated to deliver customized innovative digital solutions to businesses, whether they require the implementation of a major project or simply a solid change in their system. Disnovo LAB offers a unique customer-centered service where clients receive special care and personalized solution. Disnovo LAB emphasizes the relevance of being engaged in the whole business process. The company’s spirit based on disruptive innovation as it aims to satisfy, not only short term accomplishments, yet the future needs of their clients. The team is fully involved in each project by investing the essence of their knowledge, expertise and passion in it. A strong motivation is present to gain in-depth understanding of the clients’ situation in order to find the most appealing solution.

Our Culture

Disnovo LAB believes in technology as the key element for companies to boost their success.




The culture of Disnovo LAB stands on stable user centricity. Each company has different strategies and faces with diverse markets. Thus as the first step, Disnovo LAB gathers a profound understanding of its clients’ backgrounds and needs. Literally, it puts itself in the customers’ shoes to be fully motivated in solving their issues from the routes.




Disnovo LAB is intent to build strong long-term partnership with the clients. After delivering the product the communication flow does not stop: the support team has the mission to be available for the users of the digital solutions. Disnovo LAB places the customers in the heart of the business as it accelerates win-win outcome and growth for both parties.




The company is engaged with disruptive innovation that empowers accessibility and affordability for every enterprise. This mindset employs the previously gained knowledge and converts it to future boom. The theory enables Disnovo LAB to create solution for long-term perspective.