With the Personalized CRM of Disnovo Lab, empower your commercial team to meet and exceed the limits like never before.


Customer Module

Segment your customers by differents attributes and distribute them by its commercial profile.

Activity Module

Help your team to program and monitor every interaction with your clients.

Workflow Module

Define which processes have to be followed by your sales team, from prospects to aftersales activities.

Checklist Module

Define best-practice to be followed by your team in each stage of the commercial process to make a checklist to not forget anything.

Products Module

Give accurate information to your team to accelerate sales close processes: available products, prices according to the customer profile, discounts they can access.

Transactions Module

Let your team close financial transactions when they are with your clients, either it is a quote request form, an order or a sale.

Personalized Dashboards

Give your sales team all the information necessary about every customer to increase the closure probability: purchased products by customers, an average of purchase every month, or suggested products to do an upselling or cross-selling.


If you already have systems where you put all your data that your team needs such as ERP, or other CRM, we integrate to them by its availability.