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Why Disnovo LAB?


Companies usually tend to be involved in time-consuming, enormous projects to create suitable products for their businesses. In contradiction, often the invested time and money offer no complete satisfaction for the final users. Disnovo LAB suggests a differentiated path. By using the lean methodology, the company aims on building each project in phases. The technique allows Disnovo LAB to focus on the relevant issues and provide Quick Wins. Lastly reducing waste and maximizing value for every customer.


In nowadays rapidly alternating world, creating a long lasting digital solution is challenging. There is high possibility for quickly outdated digital products or for additional implementations in the system. To solve this issue, Disnovo LAB is dedicated to prepare every project scalable. Therefore, the team is able to easily insert innovative features. The solution is determined to deliver growth and avoiding recreating the whole system.

But how Disnovo LAB makes it possible?


Disnovo LAB developed a platform that contains minimum technological units, so called ‘microservices’, that are made for several business process solutions. This technology enables the company to work in ‘The Lego Way’, where a new project can be generated easier, quicker and on a lower budget by focusing on each business process individually. The key elements is efficiency.


Disnovo LAB is always motivated to provide added value to their clients by offering access to a digital business network and allow them to participated through the digital solutions implemented for them.


The company was very committed and it nurtured a close relationship with us. In order to achieve such an efficient final solution, constant consultations have been held by Luis Sanchez and his team to develop the product to perfection. I would highly recommend Disnovo LAB in case of any technological developments. Disnovo LAB is a reliable company and it handles its clients as partners. The flexibility, care and comfort the team provided made the workflow efficient and articulated their ultimate goal of achieving excellent outcome.
— Jose Fernando Hidalgo Florindes, Business Manager - Entel Hogar
Patiencent, innovative, affordable, with excellent teamwork. Disnovo LAB means solution and innovation for us. We are really grateful for the services they provide and we highly recommend the companies services.
— Javier Salinas, Director of Emprende UP
As an experience with the development team , we’ve have reached clear understanding. The scope of the project has been super flexible, thus every meeting provides us rise with further enhancements in the development project, reaching out a scaleable solution in real time. Disnovo LAB is a company with a huge potencial of innovation, and it has prepared to apply diruptives solutions to gain a competitive advantage over the competitors.
— Henry Pool Gomez, Chief of IT - Inkafert

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