Empower your digital performance with us.
1. Identify your issues

Disnovo LAB’s team is intent to listen to the customers. In order to get familiar with the specific business case, an informative introductory meeting is necessary, thus the company is able to start to analyse the certain issue.

2. In-depth Analysis

This process enables the company to fully get familiar with the client’s business profile and detects its weaknesses and maximize its opportunities.

3. Potencial Solution

After acquiring in-depth overview of the issues and eliminated their routes, a drawn solution presented that contains the combination of personalized taste and potential technological innovation.

4. Designing Process

Based on the agreement , the team starts creating the best fitting solution to eliminate the occured issues from their routes. In the mean time, it is important to maintain constant information exchange with the clients in order to track whether they are fulfilled.

5. Introduce End-result

Disnovo LAB’s team introduces a potential framework represented by the prepared mockups.

6. Activate Microservices

Disnovo lab possesses minimal technological units, so called ‘microservices’ that enables the team to create a platform on high quality requiring less time. During this period, the client receives partial deliveries of product in its current stage.

7. Product Trial

At this stage, the clients have the opportunity to revise the final version of the project and to propose any final adjustments.

8. Launch Product

The finalized product is handed out within a business meeting. The participants also receive further education and advice regarding the usage of the product.

9. Tutorial & training

These tools serve additional education by providing instructions about the product, thus the clients acquire the know-hows of their platforms. Furthemore, there is possibility for personal trainings if requested.

10. Guarantee updates

No worries about future alternation in software systems. In case of outdated versions or any damages the product, the team is ready to solve the issue. Disnovo LAB guarantees to maintain your software up-to-date.

11. Innovate consultation

The connection does not stop by launching the product. Disnovo LAB believes in nurturing its partnerships, to maintain satisfaction and to help businesses continuously maximize their business through the changes of time.