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The theory of Disnovo LAB

Based on the years of experience and knowledge Disnovo LAB built a vision about the market and the technological issues companies are facing with. Accordingly, a fruitful business contains three main essences: a powerful marketing and sales performance, organized and efficient operations and finally clear overviews of the business performance.

Not surprisingly, marketing possesses a strong impact on companies performance as well as on their revenue growth.
Companies use these digital tools to find and engage new clients, to keep existing ones, and to turn these customers into powerful sales channels.

Companies need to plan and control the processes and actions of the business in order to fulfill the set business goals.
To obtain a well-organized personnel visible activities, awareness, and flexible communication flow is demanded. Lastly, traceability also offers relevance, as it empowers to evaluate, measure and improve the quality of business performance.

Do you have the right information? At the right time? in order to make the best decisions.
The last essence is specialized in build personalized dashboards that facilitate to track internal information. In addition, these tools could bring data from different external and third party sources presenting them in diverse platforms to the final users.


our Services

Consultancy & process strategy

The consultancy team analyses the actual process and purpose the best practice to implement efficient process based on the built digital platforms. Some research could be involved in this service if the certain project demands. Consequently, Disnovo LAB could work with its associated advisors in different markets. It accelerates a more in depth understanding of the issues as the entrepreneurial vision of the founders improves the proposed strategy.

Software Design
Software design

The mockups prepared by the design team, are employed to showcase the final product of the project. Thereby, the customers gain an overview and they have the opportunity to ask for adjustments to the sketch.

Mobile Development
Mobile & web app development

Disnovo LAB develops softwares suit to their clients need, the development team could work faster to personalized and built the perfect solution based on this minimal technological units that already exists and are already proven. By implementing the so called ‘microservices’, the development team is able to deliver the ordered product. These existing technological units have been tested, thus Disnovo LAB can guarantee bulletproof digital solutions.

Digital Transformation
Digital transformation

Disnovo LAB could also help companies in a deep work in re-evaluating their complete business model and propose a disruptive alternative model that could be the first step of a series of changes in the culture, the process and the teams of their clients. Disnovo LAB facilitates to re-think companies’ business model by proposing a disruptive alternative to improve their overall performance.